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Access Gift Card Site to manage prepaid Gift Card: Prepaid Gift Cards are one of the highest-ranking and most trafficked gift card website on the internet. It is also known as prepaid stored-value money card. Instead of using the cash we can use cash to purchases. There are different types of prepaid gift cards like Visa Prepaid Gift Card, Master prepaid Gift Card or any major retail Gift Card. will make a donation to the American cancer society for each card purchased. Gift Cards cannot be used for any illegal transaction. Cards may have magnetic strips and barcodes which is used by electronic credit card machine.

How the card works:

  1. Purchase: You can purchase your card in online, stores and at banks and in a variety of other places. If you want a personalized Gift Card you need to order it in online. But it will take some time to get. If you want your card immediately you need to buy at stores. If you want your card at lower activation fee you need to apply at
  2. Activate: To activate your gift card account, you will need to have the Gift Card account number and the Card Verification Number(CVN) for the card itself. The Gift Card account number is of 16-digits which is present on the front of the card and the CVN is printed on the backside of the card.                                                                     There are two different steps to activate your account:

–> First one you can activate your card through supplier’s website from there you need to enter your 16-digits                   account number and CVN to activate the card.

–>  Second one you can call supplier’s card activation service via Interactive Voice Response(IVR) in which a                       computer will prompt you to enter the particular 16-digits card number and CVN.

Once the card gets activated with the instructed amount of fund(debit instruction or cheque). Now the card allows the recipient to shop all across the country, or can do online purchases. Every time the Gift Card is used, the purchased amount is deducted from the card automatically. Once of the amount in the card spent completely, the user can dispose of the card.

Gift Card Site Balance



To know the initial balance of the Gift Card:

After activation of your card, you need to know the initial balance of your card before using and remember to track the remaining balance of your card after each transaction.

To check the balance of your card, you need to open the website. You should enter your valid 16-digits card number do not enter hyphens if present. Next, enter the 6-digit security code. After entering the valid card number and security code. you can check your balance and recent transaction history of your card. You can win giftcards by participating Dollar General Survey at dgcustomerfirst official website

Check you gift card balance here @ mygiftcardsite

Features of Gift Card:

  • World Wide Acceptance: Use the Master card Prepaid Gift card anywhere across the world.
  • A Personal touch: It is nothing but you can personalize your Gift card with photos, recipient’s name or the messages which you wish to have.
  • Disposed: The card is disposed or anonymous because when the amount of the card is exhausted.

Charge for the Lost Gift Card:

If your card is misplaced or stolen by someone else. You can get your new card if you have the gift card number, activation receipt or the payment receipt. Without that information replacement of your card will be somewhat difficult. you will be provided with the 24/7 customer service, by calling at 866-952-5653. To replace the new card you will charge 5.95 dollars and you will be asked to provide some personal information. It will take up to 30 days for issuing new Gift Card.

To know more Information:

Get more information about the gift card and stay up to date by visiting the website or by calling to the customer service toll-free number 1-866-952-5653.

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